Shabbat Worship and Study

TBY’s Best Kept Secret!
Elissa Mogilefsky
After my mother Ruth died, I decided that during the month of shloshim, I would attend Saturday morning services at TBY to say Kaddish in addition to attending Friday night service. Well that month has turned into many months!
Attending Saturday morning services has been an outstanding experience for me. There is an informal and intimate Saturday morning service at 10:30 on the days when there is no Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The service is very participatory and filled with beautiful prayers and melodies, some that differ from Friday night.  We all participate in a group aliyah and say the prayers before and after Rabbi Spey reads from the Torah. We then have a very lively discussion and share our thoughts on the weekly portion.   My brain gets exercised every Saturday morning.
And there is no need to get dressed up- very relaxed atmosphere.
I come away on Saturday mornings feeling upbeat and energized for my Shabbat.  It is always surprising that so few people attend. Come some Saturday morning and find out what I am talking about, You too will love and know about one of TBY’s best kept secrets!

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